Quick tips on mass producing cards

Hi there!

Every year, without fail, no matter how organised I try to be, I always seem to leave making my Christmas cards to the last minute.  I like creating and sending unique cards which is great, but it means that I can really struggle to get my cards finished in time as each card needs so much thought.

This year, I have decided to mass produce one card design , to speed up the process and ensure I actually have some hand made cards to send out to my loved ones!

  1. Come up with your design and make a prototype to follow.  You can keep it fairly simple, everyone is happy to receive a hand made card!
  2. Make sure when you sit down to make your cards you have everything you need to hand to complete the cards – don’t do as I did and run out of tape…
  3. Turn on a good film, grab a glass of wine or a cup of tea and snacks to keep you going.
  4. Break the card design down into individual elements.
  5. Batch make each element – complete one, clean up your supplies then start on the next element (make one extra of everything, just in case!)
  6. Elicit help  if you can find some.  My husband was happy to help me as I put him in charge of the die-cutting and embossing, and he did such a good job – he probably took more care than I would!
  7. Final assembly – Work methodically and plan a reward for when you have finished that last one!

If you need any supplies to help out, Stampin’ Up! has free delivery running until 22:50 tonight – just click the link!

Attachment free delivery

Good luck with making those Christmas cards!

Thanks for reading,


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